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Artificially Intelligent
Science Assistant

Iris AI AS

Oslo, Norway

Design, Interaction and Illustration

TechnologyWeb, Tablet and Mobile

UI, UX, Front-End Development and Creative Copywriting

Project asked us to redesign their existing AI web application in order to create an enhanced user experience and produce new personalized features for different user account types. In addition, they wanted to give researchers the ability to clearly analyze the starting point and propose possible ways in which can help reduce the time and effort in conducting their research and systematic mapping study.

We helped design an AI powered web app to save time and increase radical discovery for researchers, universities, and companies around the world.

Research faster, better.
AI charged.

Exploration flow. Reactive and quick. application mockup design image application mockup design image application mockup design image

Dynamic and sharp illustrations to keep motivation at top.

We've created fun and colourful illustrations to make the research process more playful and entertaining. According to various researches, user motivation tends to decrease after some time. But, colourful UI elements, illustrations and compelling animations show a tendency to boost user motivation and interaction with the application. history history illustration

Compelling messages, inciting artwork, smart user interface elements. All meticulously crafted. application mockup design application mockup design application mockup design image

More than responsive. Designed with plasticity in mind.

We've taken into account every device type during the design process. This allowed us to create unique user interface designs for each possible user need and provide with the best user experience. application mockup responsive design image

AI training gamification.

The future of as a fully developed AI scientist depends a lot on the trainer users who help her with correct interpretation of the conceptual input. But, possible lack of motivation among trainers could impede her developmental progress. Therefore, we've chosen a gamification approach for the training process in order to improve stimulus and increase user engagement. application trainer application trainer icons

Systematic mapping study. Beautifully engineered. application mockup design image application mockup design image application mockup design image application mockup design image application icons design image
Colourful web application icons.