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Manage Windows Services Your Way

FireDaemon Technologies Limited

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Design, Interaction and Development

TechnologyWindows and Web

UI, UX, Prototyping, Front-End Development and Strategy

Project BriefFireDaemon was seeking to create a new look and feel for their flagship desktop and web based products. The goal was to develop an enhanced user experience, modernize the user interface, reward customers with a new design for their loyalty, and solve a back log of UI requirements. The new design should be modern, flat, easy to use, intuitive, and still familiar to the existing users.

We redesigned the way how people and companies run and monitor programs and applications as a Windows service. Simply intuitive.

Total control over the uncontrollable.

FireDaemon application design imageFireDaemon application design image
Web-based product application designs. (FireDaemon Fusion)

High-fidelity interactive prototypes.

We've ideated and built high-fidelity interactive prototypes for both the web application and Windows specific software. This allowed us to identify weaknesses in advance and apply necessary actions in order to get the maximum user experience outcome.

FireDaemon application interactive prototype imageFireDaemon application interactive prototype image
FireDaemon application design imageFireDaemon application design imageFireDaemon application design image
Windows-based software designs. (FireDaemon Pro)
FireDaemon application UI design image

Simply colourful UI to enhance usability.

We've decided to take a pure and light design direction with unique accent colors in order to facilitate user usability and make the interaction more fun. The final design was very appreciated by the client and warmly welcomed by the users.

FireDaemon application icons design image
Specially designed simple and intuitive icons.