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World's first affordable aluminium 3D printer

Vulcan AS

Mandal, Norway

Branding, Design and Development

TechnologyWeb, Tablet and Mobile

Web Design, Front-End Development and Corporate Identity

Project BriefThe branding should express a solid and rugged solution with an industrial look and feel. The website needs to be simple, ready for a future blog implementation, and clearly describe the company, product, and functionality in order to attract strategic partners and potential investors.

We've created an industrial, clean and stylish identity for the inventors of the first aluminium 3D printer.

No lasers, no special powders, no hazards.

Logo exploration phase.

During the logo design process, we've come with different concepts and variations. The client has found his favorite right in the first bundle of logos we've presented.

Vulcan logo variations imageVulcan logo variations image
Vulcan brandbook imageVulcan brandbook image
Vulcan corporate identity guidelines.
Vulcan brandbook image

Complete overview of the identity guidelines.

We've delivered a complete identity guidelines book with the necessary instructions and use cases in order to maintain and communicate a consistent brand experience.

Vulcan brandbook image

The website development process.

Vulcan wireframes
Wireframes of the marketing website.
Vulcan website mockup image
Vulcan website mockup image
Vulcan website mockup image
Vulcan's final marketing website designs.