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Total control until hell freezes over.

FireDaemon Technologies Limited

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Design, Illustration and Strategy

TechnologyWeb, Tablet and Mobile

Web Design, UX, Front-End Development and Creative Copywriting

Project BriefFireDaemon needed to redesign their current website in order to provide an enhanced user experience and refresh the old look and feel. The new design should create within the visitor a very high confidence level not only with the company, but also with the software products it sells.

We've come up with an entirely new way of presenting FireDaemon's products taking the strategy a step further.

Marketing strategy entirely redesigned.

Redesigned storefront to match the strategy behind.

We've provided FireDaemon's corporate website with a new design, look and feel, and structure. During the design and ideation process, we've taken into account the business goals, client requirements, user needs, search engine optimization, and more importantly we've found the perfect balance between the specified conditions.

FireDaemon website mockup design image

The process behind the character creation.

Before adding colour to the picture and other details, we created some illustration outlines in order to see with the client if we have found the right concept. Once the client is happy with the concept, then we start applying the colour, illustrating the environment for the character and other important details so we can represent the company itself through illustration.

FireDaemon website key visual illustration
FireDaemon website key visual illustrationFireDaemon website key visual illustration
Final illustration of the initial key visual concept.

Zoom-in, endlessly.

When it comes to illustrations, icons, or other graphic elements, we are always concerned about the quality and scalability. For this reason we use vector graphics as much as possible for almost all computer-generated imagery.

FireDaemon website key visual illustration detailsFireDaemon website key visual illustration details

A complete product page with interactive navigation.

FireDaemon website mockup design image

And, some more designs.

FireDaemon website mockup design image
FireDaemon website mockup design image
FireDaemon website mockup design image
FireDaemon website icons design image
Simple and effective FireDaemon website icons.